The Agency International is a Texas-based business broker and consulting firm


The Agency International is your connector to sellers and buyers through our long-term relationships that have been carefully cultivated over 25 years in business. Born out of a need and vision for strategic planning for the next generation of owners and leaders in the industry, our partnership is a team of the brightest minds in the industry to help business owners in preparing for succession, business valuation and CFO level services.

Our goal is to provide your company with an objective and tactical plan based on your needs using our experience and expertise in assessing people, processes and financial health.


Buying and selling a business is more than dollars and cents. It is an emotional investment of time and energy. Often a labor of love, hope, dreams and a realization of a family legacy. Understanding the significance of such an important undertaking, The Agency International is committed to conducting our analysis in a secure, professional and fiscally sound manner. Value is analyzed, price is negotiated.

We pledge to deliver our services with honesty and integrity, putting the client’s best interest first.


There are several options in which a business owner can exit their business. They include going public, converting to an ESOP, selling to a financial buyer, selling to a strategic buyer, or transitioning to an insider such as a family member or key employee. Business brokers from outside your industry will list your business on a website, co-mingled with other non-related businesses. The Agency discretely and directly contacts business owners actively seeking acquisitions within the industry and will pocket-list your business until the time is right for your exit. To achieve that goal, our team maps out a strategic sequence of events leading to a successful transaction.

We understand the complexity of finance and the intricacies of your business. The Agency helps buyers structure financing to acquire companies either through banking relationships for traditional financing or through seller-financed transactions.  Additionally, we work with mezzanine lenders to bridge the gap between the banks and the seller’s notes. To achieve the goals set forth, our team maps out a strategic sequence of events leading to a successful transaction.